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Install the PoCo.app

Uninstall the PoCo.app

Start up

In the first time

The Preferences Panel

About each window

The Main Window

The View Window

The Palette Window

The Tool-bar Window

The Pen-style and Tile-pattern Window

The Layer Window

The Color-pattern Window

The Information Window


The File Menu

The Edit Menu

The View Menu

The Tool Menu

The Palette Menu

The Layer Menu

The Window Menu

The Help Menu

Management of Color Palette

The Elements of a Color

The Auxiliary attributes of a Color

Color mixing

Management of Layer strucure

Create New Layer

Remove Current Layer

Unify View Layers

Reorder Layers

Duplicate Current Layer

The Auxiliary attributes of a layer

Drawing Functions

The Free Line

The Free Line with the Pen Pressure

The Line

The Shape of Rectangle

The Shape of Ellipse

The Shape of Parallelogram

The Paint

The Selection, within Selection

Scroll of View

Modificate Functions

To File, From File. About the File format

Save to File

Read from File

When read the normally PNG file

To PasteBoard, From PasteBoard

Copy to PasteBoard

Paste from PasteBoard