The View Menu

The view menu relative to operate of display, in addtion edit a document settings.

Relative to Display
Zoom In Zoom in on image on the main window(current document).
Zoom Out Zoom out on image on the main window(current document).
Reset Show actual size on the main window(current document).
(i.e. reset the zoom factor to 100%.)
Relative to Document Settings
Document Open the document setting panel, which edit a document settings.
Resize Open the dialogue panel of resize, which set up image size.

Document Settings

The document setting panel edit a document setting based on the PNG specification.(Please note that, for each parameter detail of document settings see to the PNG specification. And describe of each parameter contain PNG chunk name.)

document setting

Resize image

The dialogue panel of resize work that specify image size(aka resize).


Specify size of horizontal and vertical, resize image when click Set button.

When Transform is checked, each pixels are transformed according to a factor of magnify.

When Transform is NOT checked, image resize with left top origin point(of cource each pixels are not transformed).