April 2020

Version 1.4.0 has been released.

June 2019

Version 1.360(1.3.6) has been released.

February 2019

Version 1.350(1.3.5) has been released.

August 2018

Version 1.340(1.3.4) has been released.

June 2018

Version 1.330(1.3.3) has been released.

April 2018

Version 1.320(1.3.2) has been released.

February 2018

Version 1.310(1.3.1) has been released.

March 2017

Version 1.300(1.3.0) has been released.

November 2016

Version 1.200(1.2.0) has been released.

January 2016

Version 1.100(1.1.0) has been released.

May 2015

Version 1.000(1.0.0) has been released.(also The First Major Version.)

April 2015

The site of the PoCo.app has been restructured. All webpage re-wrote.

In January 2015, alpha-1 has been released. As well as, alpha-1 through alpha-6, beta-1.0 through beta-1.6, beta-2.0 through beta-2.3 and beta-3.0 through beta-3.2 have been released for January through April.

June 2014

Resumed developmenet of the PoCo.app.

February 2009

Processing of pasteboard and support for pen pressure was implemented, which suspended development of the PoCo.app.

February 2008

Fileformat adopt the PNG that sopport for output to and input from file.

Establish the site of the PoCo.app(so old edition), pre-alpha edition had been released.

December 2007

Resumed developmenet of the PoCo.app.

September 2005

Certain of sub-windows, display and drawing(editing) functions were implemented, which suspended development of the PoCo.app.

May 2005

The beginning of development of the PoCo.app.