What is the PoCo.app

The PoCo.app is graphic editor for Mac(Mac OS X, OS X, macOS). The PoCo.app especially feature is only support for 8-bits color.

The PoCo.app features following:

Screen shots

screen shot 1
make a clean

screen shot 2
revise line

When you click sample picture, show full-size picture.



The mean of name of the PoCo.app

I'm sorry to you when you visit mistaken due to name is same as famous library.

Once, former application has been released on another platform. First character of such application name is 'P'. So, this application name contain 'P' that descendant of such application.(Also, the mean of PoCo.app that Pixel editor on Cocoa.)

Furthermore, the mean of 'poco' in Italy that 'little'. That is, I think that most appropriate name: poco as little.